Factory Focus: Royal Apparel

Nov 22, 2019

Today I am really excited to talk about another one of our suppliers, Royal Apparel.  Royal Apparel has worked really diligently over the years to exemplify integrity in the way that they do business.  How?

Made In New York

First, they are one of the few manufacturing facilities that still operate in the US.  What is even more surprising to hear is that they are in the garment manufacturing industry, meaning they are competing against thousands of sweatshops who pay workers next to nothing located around the world. Their manufacturing facility is located in Hauppauge,New York.  Here is a small video showing some of the manufacturing facility there:

Here is a short exerpt from their site as well:

“We have the largest collection of US Made apparel available in our industry.  We pour more care into a shirt than the anatomy of its parts; applying contemporary design, zeal of the American tradesperson, and premium materials. From our hand to yours — we can closely tend to the quality of our garments since we’re factory direct, granting the capability to distill the finest value into our line.”

Dedicated To Eco-Friendly Materials

The other reason they stand out from the others is that they are committed to using materials that are sustainable and chemical-free.  They have a wide range of organic cotton, recycled cotton, and recycled polyester. Just like Bespoke Threads, they are investing in the future of our world over the profit of today.  Here is a video telling a bit more about the products they make:

We currently carry Royal Apparel’s organic cotton sweatshirt, along with their organic cotton baby bodysuits. We would love to expand the offerings from them in the near future!

You can find out more about Royal Apparel here:

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