Stories Are Coming…But Who Are We?

Sep 2, 2019

Our goal with this section is to show you how you are creating change simply by purchasing something from us.  We are a new brand though, so it may be good for you to get to know us a bit as we write down the stories to come.

We rise by lifting others.  That is our mantra.  From day one at Bespoke Threads, our culture is to listen, learn, and act.  If BT fails to bring others up as a part of what we are doing here, then we no longer deserve to be a business.  So what does this mean practically?  Here are some of the aspirations we have as a business:

For Our Customer:

We will have the best customer service in the industry. If you don’t have an example of a time that you were blown away by how well we served you, email us…We would like to change that.

Also included in this is getting your product to you as quickly as possible.  From the checkout process to delivery time, we will be the best in our industry.

For Our Employees/Garment Manufacturers:

Our goal is to be a part of the movement to end slave labor and to give all of the people in our supply chain a good opportunity to make a living wage for each person and their families. This is easier said than done, but one of our owners is living in India with this specific goal in mind.

We also want to give the best opportunities for growth within our own organization.  No matter what background someone comes from, we will give our best to help them achieve what they want to achieve, even if it means leaving Bespoke Threads after they have the qualifications necessary to chase that dream.

For Our Neighbors

We have neighbors in two areas right now: Cleveland, Ohio and Kolkata, India.  We will continuously strive to build up people in those two communities…especially children and the elderly. If you work in one of these areas and have a need, let us know!  We would love to talk to you and see if we can be of help in any way.

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